Monday, May 21, 2012

Saturday, May 19, 2012

This and that...

Last Saturday was the annual GBFG picnic. The weather was soooo perfect and there was a great turnout! Unfortunately, I didn't get any pictures. I took the new wheel to do a little bit of spinning, and haven't touched it since, as work tends to get in the way of hobbies at times. Our youngest came up on Sunday from college (staying for the summer session to take 2 classes) with a bouquet of flowers for Mother's day. She also cooked me lunch and we had a great visit even though the visit included me working on something that needed to be done before work took me out of town on Tuesday.

The recent rains have made my few flowering plants very happy! This lantana was given to me 12 years ago by the friend that taught me to knit and purl. At the time, it was just a few sticks and a root. I've cut it back to the ground many times and had to get a picture before the mailman tells me to cut it back (again).

This plant was given to me by hubby a couple of years ago. It was a tiny plant with one bloom and seems to like the spot where it was planted.

I took some of the scraps from the quilt I made for our bedroom to try my hand at the Single Girl quilt pattern that DD wants me to make for her. I made one ring by tracing the pieces onto tissue paper and paper piecing. Then I traced out the pieces onto template plastic and cut out pieces to make another ring.... This is the paper pieced version sitting on a European sham for size... I'm going to add some white around the edges and quilt to make my own shams when I sew the other ring.... Ignore the unmade bed.

I've had these socks in progress for ages... I took them with me to Augusta this week to work on at night after work. Didn't get much knitting completed, but am well on the way to finishing. This yarn is one of my first handspan yarns and my second ever Navajo ply that was spun in March of 2008. This is Dicentra Designs wool/silk fiber... Not very evenly spin, but is making beautiful fabric for socks.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Thank goodness it's Friday!

Very stressful day at work... Ready for the weekend! Mother's Day gift for stepmom complete:

Grandmother fell and is now in rehab with a fractured pelvis and compression fracture in spine. At 99 years old it's hard to contemplate her ability to recover. Peyton has been looking forward to celebrate her 21st birthday month along with Clara's 100th birthday in the same month. Hopefully....

Too stressed to relax with knitting or quilting, so it's either veg in front of the TV or spin watching TV.. It will all depend on whether I can remove myself from the new recliner!



Friday, May 04, 2012

Early Mothers Day gift

I hope the new water heater lasts as long as the original! Old one was original to the house, which was built in 1987. It died on Wednesday, cracking and flooding the garage and everything touching the floor in the garage. In addition, the thermostat on the main level HVAC system died, also original, for a total gift value of $861. Would not have been my first choice. I would say that Wednesday wasn't my day. 

Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Late lunch and late photo

Elizabeth reminded me that I still haven't shown a completed photo of the value quilt made for the bedroom. So, I'm taking a late lunch and have decided to post this picture, regardless of the poor quality, because I don't know when hubby will be back home to help me with an outdoor picture. You see, he's now working even further away from home (Washington, DC) on a project with such a tight schedule there is no way to predict when he'll get a few days to come home. So, this morning I took a picture of the quilt laying on the living room floor (after moving the chair and side table). It looks so much more vibrant in person that I must get a better picture even if I have to get one of the neighbors to hold it up in the daylight! So, consider this a draft photo:

You can see this quilt was too big for the space, so I turned down a corner just to show the back. I quilted in diagonal lines in one direction about 1.5 inches apart on the machine. I used too many 'medium' values and not enough 'light' so the difference in value is very subtle. Once I get an outdoor shot I think values will show more true. This really livens up the master bedroom. Here's another shot of the same quilt on the bed. It usually stays folded at the end but I pulled up part of the way for this cell phone camera photo shoot. I must make different euro sham covers.

Dreaming of quilts... Not enough time in the day! New glasses are on order to help with my tired eyes... Hopefully this will help me to keep on quilting, spinning, or knitting later into the evenings :)

Back to work!


Sunday, April 29, 2012

Trying this again

Is it easy to post from blogsy to blogger on iPad? This is my test post... Including picture of my new quilt top.

It works, amazingly well AND easy!!!


Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Valentine's Day early and late

Warning:  poor picture quality from phone

We celebrated Valentine's Day early since both of us would be out of town on the actual day in different states. So, Saturday before Valentine's we decided to go out to eat.  Old people that we have become, lunch out was sounding better and better so we wouldn't have to fight the heavy supper crowd of a normal Saturday night, not to mention that we knew we wouldn't be the only ones celebrating early.

So, off to Joe's Italian we went... on the way through the neighborhood we passed a house who's owners were emptying their basement either into a dumpster or at the road.  I had hubby turn around when I spotted this piece of old vintage Ethan Allen that was FREE:

A little cleanup, and I now have a storage table to sit by my wheel with fiber and extra bobbins inside :)

Joe's Italian was wonderful (as usual). We are lucky to have such a great restaurant less than 5 miles away. Service and food was magnifico! We both ordered specials that were not on the menu.... Hubby looks happy, no? (even with his mouth full of salad)

His entree (stuffed peppers) was documented, and I had the stuffed mushrooms:

The waiter recommended a bottle of wine which went perfectly.

It was the perfect Valentine's Day celebration!  We exchanged small gift bags at home... both contained similar items... I gave hubby chocolate strawberry truffles and some Valentine boxer shorts, he gave me dark chocolate with rasberry filling and a pair of flannel PJ pants. We know each other so well!!!

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

January Spin-In 2012

Spin-in was great!  Around 120 spinners in a room surrounded by fiber vendors.  Unfortunately, I neglected to bring my camera and had to make do with pictures from the iPad in a room that didn't have good lighting.  You will note the table with the ott lights - we came prepared!  Here's a picture of the wheels in our circle, less the few attendees that showed up late Thursday:

Quite a variety of wheels and spinners make for a great few days of spinning!

Friday, January 13, 2012

Way to start a long weekend...

Starting the long weekend watching last episodes of Bones, Grey's Anatomy and Big Bang Theory recorded on DVR while spinning 3rd bobbin of some Gale's Art BFL with a glass of wine all by a warm fire since it is 38 degrees outside :)


Whewwww!! On top of that, this is the first year our company has MLK day as a paid holiday!

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Not your everyday gift bags

Who needs gift bags when you can make your own?  Not Christmas fabric, but nice anyway!

Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Saturday, December 03, 2011


First block of nine - Fig Tree Butterscotch & Roses fabric:

I've completed a couple more FMQ blocks, but no pictures yet.  I've been working on a tiny little owl pillow for Peyton's sorority little sister. It has a definite homemade look... like it was made by someone who doesn't know how to sew!

Monday, November 21, 2011

Finished Quilt

I finally finished quilting all the Baptist Fans on the half-square triangle quilt.  This is a good lap size quilt (will measure later).  I took this photo with my phone before I left for Yazoo City this morning - will have to get hubby to help me later this week to take a full size photo!  First time quilting Baptist Fans. I like the crinkly look after washing and drying. Printed fabric (other than binding) is Daisy Chain by Amy Butler. The solid is medium gray Kona cotton.

Left the college kid to take care of animals while i'm gone for a few days.  Let's hope the house is still standing when I get home... i know there are friends coming over :)  I warned the neighbors and asked them to knock on the door if they see a party going on!

Saturday, November 05, 2011

Adobe Terrible Customer Support

I ordered Adobe InDesign for the home computer for Peyton. I got the software Thursday, but that is my regular knit night, so it didn't get loaded until yesterday after work.  The software wouldn't load.  Evidently, it has been a problem for many because there are several "fixes" on the Adobe website for you to attempt, which I did.  It still wouldn't load. I called their technical support and held on the phone for 30 minutes only to be answered by an individual who I could hardly understand and they couldn't understand me.... I hate this!  This is a US company and should have people helping customers who speak good English.  After speaking to her for about 3 minutes, our call was disconnected.  I know it did not happen on my end of the line.  I call back.  I held for 2 hours.... 2 HOURS!!!!!!! While I was holding, I was able to "chat with an agent" online.  After answering the questions I had already answered, I was told I would have to talk to their technical support that they couldn't help me.  I informed them that I was on hold and had been on hold for over an hour (at that point) after getting disconnected from a 30 minute hold before and asked if there was another number I could call and speak to someone.  There wasn't.  When someone finally answered the phone and I told them who I was and my serial number, they disconnected me again.  This is poor customer service.  I know that the disconnect was NOT on my end... I had them on speaker phone so there was no way I mistakenly pushed a button to disconnect the call.  I called back and finally hung up at 10:00 which is 7:00 their time and closing time.  I worked on this from the time I got home from work yesterday until 10 last night.  They will be getting a letter from me.  I understand we're not one of their multi-license business customers, but hell, the little guys expect service too.

Monday, October 31, 2011

2 more FMQ Blocks

Are you sick of these?  I know this is supposed to be a knitting blog :)

Block 25 Cups & Saucers - this block has 33 pieces! It was easy enough to do, but took a lonnnng time:

Block 77 Seasons - I needed something simple after the 33 piece block:

Sunday, October 30, 2011

More FMQ Blocks... will it ever end?

Two more blocks today - Block 81 Snowball Variation:

Block 85 Square Dance:

Hard to decide what's next

I have too many projects going... and I'm itching to start something new.  I'm going to try to wait, though it is hard :) Plugging right along on the Farmer's Wife Quilt (28 blocks done of 111), only 2 more rows of hand quilted baptist fans to go on the half-square-triangle quilt (binding already made), and the master bedroom quilt is at a stand still.  I've quilted 7 or 8 straight lines and not sure that I like it.  May take them out and hand quilt.  I need to decide soon since it got down in the mid 30's last night!  The problem is maneuvering the quilt through the Singer.  It is a P.I.A. but not enough so to purchase a big machine... I'm happy with my old singers.  One of these days I'll just get a large quilting frame and be done with trying to machine quilt.

I have a few sets of fat quarters from some beautiful fabric lines waiting.  These are my plans for them at the moment, though I may change my mind by the time I finally get to to the cutting stage:

1.  Butterscotch & Roses fat quarter bundle by Fig Tree - destined to be a Swoon quilt - I've already picked the fabrics from the bundle I'll use:

2. Flora fat quarter bundle by Lauren and Jessi Jung - destined to be a Dresden plate quilt:

3.  LouLouthi by Anna Marie Horner - destined to be a quilt, but can't decide which one.  I first thought a Swoon quilt after a saw one made with this fabric but couldn't readily decide which fabrics from the line to use.  Now I'm trying to decide between these - Spinning Stars Quilt (by the same designer) or one very much like it by Patricia Bravo called Bohemian Caravan.  Either way, I have plenty of fabric for front AND back since I bought extra of a couple of the prints.

I can dream big... that's a lot of quilting!  May take me years...

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Three More FMQ Blocks

Block 15 Buzzards Roost

Block 20 Churn Dash


Block 63 Ozark Maple Leaf

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Chevron Scarf

Finished after soooo long... not a great picture and looks much better in person, but here it is for the record:


Just ignore the flannel PJ pants it is sitting on... sending off to a knitting pal this week to brighten the day.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Back to two shoes

Had the ankle xrayed yesterday and am finally out of the air cast.  Nothing to get to excited about since i'm going to have to shop for some new shoes.  The foot is still so swollen that most of my current shoes are too tight to wear. The orthopedist said it will probably be swollen for at least a year!  In the meantime, i've been trying to walk normally... it really hurts and i'm still hobbling. Physical therapy starts next Wednesday.  Hopefully by then i'll be used to walking on it again.

Today i'm going to attempt to spin.  Going to a fiber friends house for a small spinning afternoon.  I think i'll take the Sonata this time since carrying the big SR 30" wheel down the steps to the garage will be too difficult... and hubby isn't home to help. I'd really rather take the big wheel...

I've baked some cookies and will be taking a bottle of wine ... Trying to decide on a knitting project to take just in case spinning proves to painful.  My current project bag I left at work yesterday.  Don't know why I even took it into the office because I didn't have time to take a lunch break!  Guess i'll just start another pair of socks :)

I have more blocks to show from the FWQ.

Block 80 Single Wedding Star:

and Block 56 Maple Leaf:

You'll see that I used a different fabric for the stem... the reason why is I sewed this block wrong the first time and had the stem the lighter color fabric with the other two pieces in the green.  It took me a minute to see the problem, so I ripped out that one square and decided to do the stem a little different.  I think it looks good this way!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011


I've been avoiding looking at all the 2011 Rhinebeck blog posts since there was no way I could attend with a broken ankle.... so, i've been looking at the popular quilting blogs and have been faced with all the reviews of the Sewing Summit.  I would love it if someone would marry the two and make a super duper fiber festival that included knitting, yarn, wool, fiber animals AND fabric and quilting!!!